66 Interesting Fun Fact Ideas You Should Share About Yourself

When asked, “Tell me a fun fact about yourself” during a job interview, it can be challenging to come up with an entertaining yet professional answer. However, with some preparation and consideration, you can share something unique about yourself that will make you stand out to the interviewer.

66 Fun Facts With Examples:

1) The most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to

I traveled to Japan and stayed in a traditional ryokan. Here, I got to experience the culture firsthand by wearing a yukata and sleeping on a futon.

2) The most unique hobby you have

I am an enthusiast for antique typewriters and am fortunate enough to have a small but growing collection in my home.

3) A talent you have that most people don’t know about

I’m quite talented as a singer, but I’m too shy to perform in public.

4) A cause you are passionate about

I am deeply committed to animal rights and have volunteered at my local animal shelter for several years.

5) A surprising fact about your hometown

My hometown was once a major center for coal mining in the early 20th century.

6) An interesting job you have had in the past

As a professional dog walker while in college, I had one of the most enjoyable and satisfying jobs of my life.

7) A memorable event from your childhood

As a kid, my family took an epic road trip across America, including stopping at the Grand Canyon – it was truly stunning!

8) The most inspiring person you have ever met

At a book signing I once met Malala Yousafzai and was truly inspired by her courage and strength of will.

9) A funny or embarrassing moment from your past

In high school, I made a mistake and ended up sitting through an entire math class before realizing my error.

10) The weirdest food you have ever tried

While traveling through Cambodia, I once tried deep-fried tarantula and it was definitely an acquired taste.

11) An achievement you are proud of

Last year, I completed a marathon – an incredible personal milestone.

12) An item on your bucket list

I’ve always wanted to hike the Inca Trail in Peru and witness Machu Picchu firsthand.

13) A goal you have set for yourself

At present, I’m working on mastering a new language with the goal of becoming fluent within one or two years.

14) A special tradition in your family

Every Christmas Eve, my family bakes dozens of homemade cookies and delivers them to our neighbors to spread holiday cheer.

15) A hobby or activity you enjoy, but others might find strange.

I enjoy practicing yoga with my pet cat, who often joins me in the stretches and poses.

16) The most unforgettable concert or live performance you have attended

Once, I saw Beyonce perform in concert, and she actually touched my hand! Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

17) A unique skill you possess

I possess a fantastic skill at solving Rubik’s cubes! I can solve one in under a minute, always surprising my friends with this feat!

18) A cool travel experience you have had

While visiting a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, I had the fantastic opportunity to swim with wild dolphins! It was an awe-inspiring and unforgettable.

19) A unforgettable moment from your school or university years

During my university years, I was involved with a student film that won an award at a film festival. It was truly amazing to witness something I had been part of being recognized in such an honor.

20) A person who has had a significant influence on your life

My grandmother had a tremendous impact on my life. She taught me how to cook and bake, and I still use some of her recipes.

21) A fun fact about your profession or industry

My job allows me to utilize some genuinely remarkable technology. Recently, I got to use a virtual reality headset to simulate an interior design project – it was truly impressive!

22) A quirky habit or ritual you have

Every morning, I listen to a particular song to set the right attitude for the day. It has become somewhat of an early-morning ritual!

23) A fun fact about a famous historical figure you admire

Did you know Albert Einstein failed his college entrance exam the first time he took it? This proves even the greatest minds can experience setbacks.

24) A funny story about a pet

As a kid, my dog ate my homework! It’s an old cliche but also quite amusing in hindsight.

25) A fun fact about the area you live in

My neighborhood was a movie set back in the 1920s. Some of its old buildings and architecture still stand today, making it an incredible place to live.

26) An impressive accomplishment you have achieved

I once hiked to the top of a mountain and watched the sunrise from its summit. It was physically demanding but also immensely rewarding.

27) An experience that completely changed your outlook on life

While volunteering at a homeless shelter for one week, I was deeply moved by some people’s daily struggles. It made me deeply appreciative of all that I have in my life and made me even more grateful of what blessings there are.

28) A childhood dream that you pursued or still wish to pursue

As a kid, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut! Although I never pursued that career path, I still enjoy learning about space and astronomy in my free moments.

29) A cultural tradition you participate in

My family celebrates “Dia de los Muertos,” a Mexican holiday honoring deceased loved ones. We create altars and offer food and drink to remember those who have passed away and to honor those in our memories.

30) A funny or fun fact about a friend or family member

My best friend is actually twins – fraternal, not identical! This always surprises people when they first meet them!

31) A personal goal you are currently working towards

As part of my training regimen, I’m currently targeting a half marathon which I hope to finish by the end of this year.

32) A fun fact about a famous artist or musician

Did you know that Bob Ross, the artist renowned for his ‘happy little trees’ paintings, served in the Air Force as a Master Sergeant?

33) An unusual talent or ability you possess

I can recite the alphabet backward in under 10 seconds.

34) A fun fact about a sport or physical activity you enjoy

I’m passionate about rock climbing and enjoy the mental and physical challenges it presents.

35) A surprising fact about your heritage or family background

Recently, I learned of distant relatives from Australia – something which came as a complete shock since I always assumed my family was entirely from Europe.

36) A fun fact about a country or culture you admire

Japan has a concept known as ‘forest bathing,’ in which people take mindful walks in nature to reduce stress and enhance their overall well-being.

37) An unusual accomplishment from your past

As a junior in high school, I won a pancake-eating contest at my county fair.

38) A funny or cool fact about a former coworker or colleague

I used to collaborate with someone who could play the ukulele with their feet! It was truly remarkable!

39) A fun fact about a scientific discovery or technology that fascinates you

Did you know that scientists recently discovered a new species of dinosaur with feathers and the potential to fly?

40) A fun fact about a famous writer or poet

Dr. Seuss originally intended to become an English literature professor but switched his focus to writing children’s books after his debut title, ‘And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street’ was rejected by 27 publishers.

41) A unforgettable or funny story from your travels

On a trip to Thailand, I ordered a dish so spicy that my mouth went numb for an hour!

42) A fun fact about a favorite hobby or pastime

I absolutely adore practicing calligraphy; it is a deeply meditative and grounding activity.

43) A talent or skill you have developed through work or education

Through my work as a graphic designer, I have developed an acute sense of color and can quickly distinguish different shades and hues.

44) An unusual fact about a historical event or time period you find fascinating

In World War II, the Allies created a fake army with inflatable tanks and vehicles to deceive Germany about where they planned to invade next.

45) A fun fact about a favorite food or cuisine

In Korean cuisine, there’s a dish called bibimbap, which translates to “mixed rice”. This dish consists of rice, vegetables, meat, and an egg mixed with spicy sauce.

46) An unusual personal challenge you’ve overcome

I used to be terrified of public speaking, but in college, I persisted with taking a course on it and now feel much more at ease when presenting in front of groups.

47) A unforgettable or funny story from your childhood or adolescence

As a student in elementary school, I once brought my pet hamster to show and tell. Unfortunately, it escaped its cage and ran around the classroom for several minutes before we managed to capture it!

48) A fun fact about a favorite musician or band

Paul McCartney wrote the iconic Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’ (originally titled ‘Hey Jules’) to comfort John Lennon’s son Julian during their divorce.

49) A personal goal or dream that you’re currently pursuing

One of my personal goals is to finish writing and publish a novel. I’ve been working on it for some time, and hope to finish it and have it published someday soon.

50) A fun fact about a favorite movie or TV show.

“The Office,” and one interesting fact about it is that it was originally intended to be a dramatic show, but the writers took it in a comedic direction after realizing the potential for humor in the workplace setting.

51) A surprising fact about a language or culture you’re learning

As I’m currently learning Spanish, I discovered that there are more Spanish speakers in America than anywhere else in Spain! This emphasizes the importance of learning and embracing different cultures in our increasingly globalized world.

52) A funny or funny story from a job interview or work.

At a job interview, I accidentally spilled coffee on the interviewer and had to apologize profusely. It proved to be an excellent icebreaker and eventually led to me being offered the job!

53) A fun fact about a favorite video game or computer program

Did you know the original version of Tetris was created by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov back in 1984?

54) A inspiring experince from a volunteer or community service

One of my fondest memories from volunteering was when we helped clean up a local park and the kids who usually play there came to thank us and offer us ice cream.

55) A surprising fact about a favorite fashion or beauty trend

Did you know that high heels were first created for men in the 17th century and served as a sign of wealth and status?

56) An unusual accomplishment from your education or academic career

I was awarded a scholarship for my research on cryptography during World War II.

57) An interesting fact about a favorite artist or photographer

Did you know that Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime but is now considered one of the most influential artists in history?

58) A memorable or funny story from a family vacation or road trip

As a kid, my family took an annual road trip to the Grand Canyon – but my younger sister insisted that we stop by the “Giant Crayon”.

59) An unusual fact about a favorite historical landmark or monument

Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China is not visible from space.

60) An interesting fact about a favorite book or author

J.R.R Tolkien, author of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” was a linguistics professor who created several fictional languages for his books.

61) A surprising fact about a favorite sport or athletic event

In the 1904 Olympics, an organizer’s error resulted in a marathon course measuring 24 miles instead of the standard 26.2 miles.

62) A memorable or inspiring moment from a cultural or arts event you attended

At a cultural event, one of the most inspiring moments was witnessing young dancers performing an ancient African dance. This inspired me to learn more about its history and culture.

63) An unusual fact about a favorite natural wonder or geographic location

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are caused by charged particles from the sun colliding with Earth’s magnetic field.

64) An unusual accomplishment from your personal fitness or health journey

Once, I ran a half marathon without any prior preparation in an effort to test myself and see if I could do it.

65) An interesting fact about a favorite dance or musical style

Did you know salsa dancing originated in Cuba during the 1920s and incorporates elements of African and European music and dance styles?

66) A surprising fact about a favorite celebrity or public figure.

Angelina Jolie is actually related to former President Bill Clinton through her mother’s side of the family.

Tips for Responding to “Tell Me a Fun Fact About Yourself” During an Interview

First and foremost, it’s essential to comprehend why an interviewer may ask for a fun fact. This question serves as an icebreaker and a way for them to get acquainted with you. Furthermore, it allows you to share something not included in your resume and demonstrate your personality.

Before sharing, brainstorm some exciting facts or hobbies you could mention. Consider your background, education, work, and personal interests; anything that may appear inappropriate, embarrassing, or undermine your professional image should be avoided.

Here are some examples of fun facts being used:

  • “I am fluent in three languages and adore traveling. My favorite destination has been Italy, where I honed my Italian skills while sampling some amazing food.”
  • “During high school, I played on the varsity soccer team and helped lead us to a state championship. Playing for my school taught me so much about teamwork and leadership.”
  • “My passion for painting has led me to spend my weekends creating new artwork. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long week.”
  • “I am an adept learner, having acquired proficiency in playing multiple musical instruments such as guitar and piano.”

When sharing a fun fact, keep it brief and to the point. Avoid dominating the conversation or making the interviewer uneasy by oversharing. Instead, use it as an opportunity for further dialogue and a closer bond with the interviewer.

Remember, the purpose is to add fun and personality to a conversation, not make anyone uncomfortable or embarrassed. Sharing an amusing fact can also be used as an excellent way to start a date, meeting, or party by encouraging others to share something fascinating about themselves.

In conclusion, when asked, “Tell me a fun fact about yourself” during an interview, share something unique and interesting about yourself that fits the context. Prepare by considering an entertaining fact about yourself that fits well into the situation. Doing so can lighten the atmosphere and leave a lasting first impression.

Avoid These Mistakes When Answering “Tell Me a Fun Fact About Yourself” in an Interview

When responding to the interview question “Tell me a fun fact about yourself,” it’s essential that you steer clear of topics and responses which could undermine your professionalism or make the interviewer uncomfortable.

Before anything else, you must avoid anything sexual in nature. Sexual topics should never be discussed in a professional setting as they can make the interviewer feel uncomfortable or put them in an awkward position.

Additionally, it’s best to refrain from sharing anything too personal or inappropriate for the situation. Avoid anything that involves drinking, partying, or drug use as much as possible.

When selecting a fun fact to share, be mindful of the context and ensure your answer is pertinent to the job or company you are interviewing with. For instance, sharing random details about your favorite TV show might not be suitable for an interview in finance.

It’s essential to avoid sharing anything that might make you seem strange or off-putting to the interviewer. This includes providing an overly detailed or graphic memory or mentioning a unique fact that might be considered too obscure or irrelevant for the discussion.

Sharing your favorite something can be a dangerous mistake. While it might be tempting to show off your favorite movie, book, or song with everyone, opt for something that is unique and shows off your personality in an encouraging light.

Instead, use a fun fact that is three short, concise, and straightforward to comprehend. You could use a template like “I am an expert in (topic), and I once (random fact).” This type of response is concise yet to the point, demonstrating your knowledge in that area.

Finally, when answering “Tell me a fun fact about yourself” during an interview, it’s essential to consider the other person’s perspective and how your response may be interpreted. Craft appropriate, pertinent, and positive answers that will make the interviewer laugh, engage in conversation and leave a lasting impression.