Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Here are a list of 111 dirty questions to ask your boyfriend:

  1. Ever wanted to say something a bit risky to me but didn’t? What was it?
  2. Got any hot fantasies you’d like us to try?
  3. Ever imagine a wild spot where we could be cozy together?
  4. If you could kiss me anywhere on a dare, where would you start?
  5. What sort of outfit do you daydream about seeing me get out of?
  6. Have you ever had a vivid dream about me? What was I doing?
  7. What do you think is the hottest aspect of our relationship?
  8. Ever seen a movie scene you want us to act out?
  9. What goes through your head when I whisper to you?
  10. If we were invisible just for laughs, what would you want to do with me?
  11. One body part for dessert— what’s your pick and why?
  12. Any ‘off-limits’ thing you’re curious to try these days?
  13. Which spots do you wish I focused on more during warm-ups?
  14. When’s the last time I made you want me non-stop?
  15. Describe how sneaky allure differs from when we’re really noisy together?
  16. If we shot our own spicy video, what’d be the theme?
  17. Do you find the risk of being caught in the middle of things exciting?
  18. What soft things can I say that really rev up your engine?
  19. If you created a game for couples, what kind of rules would we follow?
  20. Which smells make you think of me and turn you on immediately?
  21. When we get close, how do you prefer my hair— up or down?
  22. You ever get lost in thought about us at work? Share with me.
  23. What cheeky hint would you drop in my ear at a party?
  24. In a packed room, how would you let me know you’re interested without anyone noticing?
  25. What article of clothing would you peel off me right now if we were alone?
  26. Is there a way I touch that overwhelms your senses right away?
  27. How do light bites measure up to gentle kisses in your mind?
  28. Does the idea of me taking charge turn you on sometimes? Give details.
  29. If words weren’t an option when we’re alone, how would your body talk?
  30. An unexpected flirty text— would that catch your interest or mess up your day? Why?
  31. What tales would our bed share if it could chat?
  32. Say something nice that’s also pretty bold about how sensual I am.
  33. When do I look more tempting to you: while working up a sweat or chilling at home?
  34. Apart from fantasies, what simple thing I do gets you going without warning?
  35. Tell about a time when my self-assurance really got to you.
  36. If our adventures ranged from tame to wild, where would they land? Why do you say so?
  37. We both know holding hands means something; when does it hit you the hardest?
  38. Would an intense smooch out in public send your pulse racing? Tell me why or why not.
  39. If looking could undress, how would your gaze get me out of my clothes?
  40. Your hands roaming under the table during dinner: exciting or pushing it?
  41. A warm or hotter touch from me— which snags your attention more and why?
  42. Time to describe our spark to someone else without resorting to old sayings. How would it sound?
  43. In what ways is our silent communication speaking volumes? Can you expand on that?
  44. If our steamy moments had a taste based on what we’ve done, what would that be like?
  45. Tell me your craziest dream?
  46. What’s something new you want to try with me?
  47. What’s your biggest turn-on?
  48. Do you enjoy dirty talk when we’re together?
  49. Remember the sexiest thing I ever said to you?
  50. What’s your preferred position and why?
  51. Would you like to act out a movie scene together?
  52. How do you feel about threesomes?
  53. When do you feel most loved by me?
  54. If we had a whole day just for us, what would you wanna do?
  55. Where on your body gets you excited?
  56. Any bedroom games you want to play?
  57. Thoughts on role play or dressing up?
  58. Type of foreplay you’d like more of?
  59. When did you first feel attracted to me?
  60. Where are you the most sensitive?
  61. Share a fantasy you haven’t told me about yet.
  62. Your adventurous location for sex?
  63. Anything specific that really turns you on?
  64. What outfit would you like to see me in?
  65. Your favorite spot for kisses?
  66. Is eye contact important during intimacy?
  67. Fancy taking a bath together?
  68. Your most unforgettable sexual memory?
  69. If we made a home video, how should it be?
  70. Any new things you want to try with me?
  71. Describe the perfect morning after for you.
  72. Tell me about a hot dream with us in it.
  73. A public place where you’d consider sex?
  74. A time when we felt really connected sexually?
  75. Certain scents that remind you of me?
  76. A toy or prop you’re curious to try?
  77. How loud can we get before our neighbors hear?
  78. How could I be better in satisfying you?
  79. Ever fantasized about someone we both know?
  80. Where do you like touches during foreplay?
  81. If there’s one thing that could make you come, what is it?
  82. Interested in BDSM? What should we do?
  83. Something I haven’t done that you want during sex?
  84. How often do thoughts of sex cross your mind?
  85. A non-sexual act I do that gets you aroused?
  86. You prefer slow and steady or fast and intense sessions?
  87. If I whispered to you now, what should I say?
  88. Tell me something different we can try next weekend.
  89. If we were making out like teens, where would it be?
  90. Guess the color of my underwear today?
  91. About oral: any special things you like?
  92. If we shopped for toys, what’d catch your eye?
  93. Your perfect scenario with food play involved.
  94. The best end to a great night of passion?
  95. Ever thought of doing something daring in the bedroom?
  96. How do you feel about trying out different characters with me?
  97. Got a hidden fantasy you’ve kept to yourself?
  98. Where do you love to be kissed the most?
  99. Is there a hot movie scene you want us to copy?
  100. What clothes do I wear that really turn you on?
  101. You into dirty talk? What words get you going?
  102. Does showing affection in public make you want me more?
  103. Any spots on your body you think I should pay more attention to?
  104. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve fantasized about us doing?
  105. Would you like it if I was in charge sometimes?
  106. Tell me about the types of foreplay you can’t resist.
  107. What’s your take on bringing toys into the mix when we get intimate?
  108. Any sexual wishes you’re still waiting to fulfill?
  109. Describe the sexiest moment we’ve had from your perspective.
  110. Something non-sexual that gets you excited. What is it?
  111. Do you want a rim job?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What's a secret fantasy you've always wanted to try in bed?

    That’s an intriguing area of our connection I’m thrilled to explore. My secret fantasy involves us being completely alone on a tropical island, where every touch feels like kindling setting off wild flames of desire. It’s so vivid; I can almost hear the waves crashing and your whispers as part of the excitement.

    Which sex position tantalizes you the most, and why?

    Honestly, the thought of you in control sends shivers down my spine; therefore, the cowgirl position is a feature at the top of my list. It’s all about the view—your silhouette against the light and the slow rhythm making it feel like time stands still—it heightens every sensation.

    Where is one spot on your body that's guaranteed to send you over the edge?

    There’s this one spot right below my ear that, when kissed just right, completely erases my capacity for coherent thought. It’s like a direct line to all my ignitions, instantly setting the stage for pure passion.

    In your opinion, what's the sexiest outfit I could wear?

    You know, seeing you in those yoga pants is more than just a moment; it’s an event. It highlights every curve, suggesting all sorts of naughty escapades without uttering a single word—truly a catalyst for every dirty dream I’ve ever had.

    Is there something new you're eager to try in our next encounter?

    Each experience with you feels like leaping into uncharted territories of desire. But if I had to choose, exploring some light bondage could really add an element of anticipation—like unwrapping a much-awaited gift that offers both intensity and pleasure.

    Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity during our intimate moments?

    The idea of celebrities sometimes weaves its way into my fantasies, but they pale in comparison to the reality before me. Yet, if I’m honest, blending some aspects of a Sophia Lee-esque romance with your dynamism would be the definition of an ultimate fantasy scenario.

    Do you have a favorite sex memory of us that often replays in your mind?

    Oh, without a doubt! Remember our little escapade in that backseat after leaving the party? The combination of risk and raw urgency acted as a trigger to one of our steamiest sessions. Those kinds of memories ignite sparks that stay lit long after they’re made.

    What if I were to whisper naughty suggestions throughout the day; how would that make you feel?

    The thought alone cranks up the temperature between us; it’s like foreplay without even being in the same room. Subtle provocations building a feverish anticipation—by the time we reunite, it would be like striking a match to dry tinder.

    Would you enjoy it if I wore lingerie under my everyday clothes, just for you?

    Absolutely! The knowledge of such a sultry secret shared just between us is incredibly arousing. It adds layers of seduction to ordinary interactions, especially if you give me subtle hints or reveal just enough to whet my appetite.

    What are your thoughts on adding food into our bedroom adventures?

    Introducing food sounds like another avenue to heat things up—it’s playful yet sensual. Whether it’s chocolate sauce or whipped cream, it brings together taste and touch to form an even more intoxicating blend of pleasures—and I think we could create some unforgettable experiences.