Phil Lees

Long-time teacher and Ontario resident Phil Lees provides some harrowing insights into the future American schools might face if same-sex marriage is legalized here as it was in his home Province. His story is a sobering warning and a powerful call to action; share this timely message with your friends today!

Military Chaplains Under Fire
Our military chaplains are true heroes and sometimes the most important persons in young soldiers’ lives. But the Obama Administrations assault on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) puts the very future of military chaplaincy in a perilous position.

Dr. Steve Tourloukis
The idea that a parent is primarily responsible for and has rights with respect to his or her children’s education seems like a common-sense notion. But the story of Ontario resident and father, Dr. Steve Tourloukis, reveals that marriage being redefined in law turns even such simple ideas upside-down.

Inkeepers Mary & Jim
Mary & Jim O’Reilly are a couple who run a Vermont Bed & Breakfast. When they declined to allow a lesbian couple to celebrate their “marriage reception” at the Inn, they were sued, and ended up paying tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

The Parker Parents
After their kindergartener came home with a “diversity book bag” containing same-sex marriage propaganda, David and Tanya Parker demanded that the Massachusetts grade-school give them parental notification on such lessons and the opportunity to opt out. But the school ultimately responded by outrageously having Mr. Parker arrested!

Sisters Carol, Valerie, & Cindy
When Maine resident Cindy was forced out of her job because she made her views on same-sex marriage known, she luckily had the support of her loving sisters to fall back on. Their message of family commitment and dedication to faith and the values their mother taught them is an inspiring one.

Firefighter Sarah
Duluth firefighter Sarah Rowe’s union membership was pitted against her faith when the union held a vote to oppose Minnesota’s marriage amendment. But in the wake of the union’s vote, Sarah bravely spoke up and took her perspective to the local media.

Dakota Ary
Student Dakota Ary was punished with in-school suspension when he said he was uncomfortable when an explicit homosexual photograph was put in his classroom.

School Counselor Don
After 36 years of work in mental health education, high school counselor Don Mendell’s job was threatened because he spoke up in a television ad for the Maine marriage referendum, voicing his support for “the rights of children to have an opportunity to be raised by a mom and a dad.”

David Tyree
Hear Super Bowl hero David Tyree speak about the good of marriage in culture and society in this inspiring video. He comments on the way in which his faith has shaped his views on marriage, how man-woman marriage civilizes young men in crucial ways, and how couples are ennobled by the broader horizon marriage gives to their aspirations.

Kirk Cameron
Actor Kirk Cameron, A Champion of Marriage

Kirk Cameron is one of the gay-marriage lobby’s targets because he boldly proclaims the ideal of Biblical marriage. These attacks have only increased his dedication to strengthening marriage culture in America.

Fostering Johns
Foster Parents Targets for Belief on Marriage

Eunice and Owen Johns, unselfish foster parents became targets of unjust discrimination when the City Council took offense at the Johns’ Christian convictions about marriage.

Bullied Julia
In recognition of her high school yearbook work, Julia Naman was awarded the chance to attend a national conference for high school journalists in Seattle. But when gay activist Dan Savage took the stage with a profanity-laced rant on the Bible and Christianity, Julia had to muster the courage to walk out.

Daniel Attacked
Student Stands Up to Teacher-Turned-Bully

When Daniel Glowacki objected to his teacher pushing gay-marriage activism, the teacher went to the media and spouted malignant lies. But when MADA published Daniel’s story, supporters responded in droves!

Tom Emmer’s Story
Professor Blacklisted for His Pro-Marriage Views

Tom Emmer was blacklisted by Hamline University—after having been initially hired and offered a high-profile teaching job there. Why? He served in public office and politically favored traditional marriage.

Damian Goddard
TV Anchor Becomes Marriage Advocate

Canadian sportscaster Damian Goddard was fired after tweeting—from his own personal Twitter account—his support “for the true meaning of marriage.” But he has fought back, becoming an outspoken advocate for marriage.

Schulz, Craigen, Montague
Pro-Gay Marriage Policies Threaten Adoption

Three foster-care families came together so birth-siblings distributed among the three homes could share their familial bonds. However, agencies with pro-gay marriage are putting the foster-care and adoptive-care fields at risk.

Gerald Buell’s Story
“Teacher of the Year” Persecuted for Personal Support of Marriage

Gerald Buell was persecuted by the same school that honored him as “Teacher of the Year” for a Facebook post—on his own personal page—in support of traditional marriage.

Ruth’s Story
NY Town Clerk Resigns Due to Gay Marriage Law

Town Clerk Ruth Sheldon resigned her post when her state of New York legalized same-sex marriage. Under the new law, there was no legal redress for her to act according to her conscience.

Laura’s Story
Former NY Town Clerk Says Faith Keeps Her Strong

Another New York Town Clerk, Laura Fotusky voluntarily resigned her position because her state’s passage of same-sex marriage forced her to decide between God and her job.

Rose’s Story
NY Town Clerk and Marriage Believer Gets Re-Elected

A part-time Town Clerk in Upstate New York, Rose Marie Belforti worries about signing a “marriage” license that violates her Christian principles about same-sex marriage, now legal in New York.

Frank Turek’s Story
Free Speech in Action: Consultant Fired, Then ReHired

Both CISCO and Bank of America released consultant Frank Turek from his contracts for his writings on the problems of same-sex marriage. The two corporations then reversed their decisions.

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